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Registered Dietitian

Everyone’s food journey is different, and we have all experienced things that have affected the way we eat. Societal norms, familial beliefs, past traumas, and trendy advertising all contribute to our individual food beliefs. Though we all have experienced a different journey which has led us to our complex and highly individualized food beliefs, one truth prevails, to eat is a necessity.

Food is the nourishment of life. It provides us with the sustenance we require to think and move throughout our day to day lives. Despite its biological necessity, many find themselves struggling with their personal relationship with food and the underlying feelings attached to it. Kate focuses on meeting clients where they find themselves with their food relationship and exploring deeply rooted food beliefs in a safe and supportive environment. Through compassion and personalized nutrition therapy, clients are encouraged to explore and challenge their relationship with food and are supported in taking the next steps towards self-love through food freedom.

You deserve to live a flourishing life that is fueled mindfully. And you have the power within to do so!

Working with Kate

Kate considers her clients “whole self”, the physical, emotional, spiritual, and social parts which are intimately intertwined to form the unique person that they are. Because the act of eating is often a behavior conditioned by past experiences, Kate aims to not only address pertinent medical and physical concerns, but the deeper personal beliefs that contribute to your current relationship with food. While working with Kate, you will have the opportunity to explore your unique food beliefs and fears through collaborative nutrition recommendations, mindful goal setting, and exposure therapy techniques in a supportive and accepting space. Kate guides you through taking the next steps towards food freedom and ultimately loving yourself.

Professional Experience

Kate is a New York State Certified Registered Dietitian specializing in the treatment of Eating and Feeding Disorders. Kate earned her Bachelors of Science in Dietetics from Point Loma Nazarene University, San Diego, CA. While completing her undergraduate studies, Kate worked as a Diet Technician and Counsellor at the Center for Discovery Residential Treatment Center Del Mar and participated in University education and feeding outreach programs in Rwanda, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and New Zealand. Kate went on to complete her Dietetic Internship in her hometown of Las Vegas, NV through the Marshall University Distance Dietetic Internship program, and shortly after completed her Masters of Science in Clinical Dietetics with Honors. After completing her formal education, Kate continued to pursue her “whole self” approach for the treatment of Eating and Feeding Disorders that she began developing during her undergraduate years within various levels of treatment. Kate began working through BeEmbodied, LLC in January 2020 because of she strongly believes in the importance of a likeminded intradisciplinary team in the treatment of Eating Disorders.

Kate believes that there is always more to learn and is in the process of pursuing her CEDRD (Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian) certification with the hopes that she will be able to better serve the unique population she holds so close to her heart.

Kate’s Services
• Free 30 minute initial consultation
• ED nutrition support and counselling 12 years and older
• Intuitive Eating Bootcamp (Coming Summer 2020)

*** Appropriateness for bootcamp to be assessed through initial consultation and approval from current healthcare providers

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